Doctor by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid with the thesis Desarrollo de células de silicio de fácil industrialización para su uso en concentración 1997. Supervised by Dr. Antonio Luque López.

Teacher at the School of Architecture, Engineering and Design at the “Universidad Europea de Madrid” (UEM). At the end of my studies in Physics, Master on Electronics (Universidad Complutense de Madrid,1990), I began my doctoral thesis as an intern at the Institute for Solar Energy (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, UPM) where I got my PhD in 1997. During these years I actively collaborated in European and National Research Projects on Photovoltaic Solar Energy (PVSE), resulting in several publications in that field. I worked as an assistant professor in the Department of Electronics at UPM for two courses. Then I was hired by the “Universidad Europea de Madrid” as a teacher in the area of Telecommunications Engineering full time. During these years I kept my research in the area of PVE and applied optics, leading to some publications. In my teaching role, I developed some experiences of educational innovation. The implementation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) awoke the need to develop and evaluate skills and competences in university students. Under this umbrella, a research on how to develop and evaluate competences in students was started, whose results were part of a project of the Program of Studies and Analysis of the Ministry of Education of Spain and other smaller projects and resulting in the publication of a book of tools for teachers. Also, I participated in another research based on the development of socio-emotional skills in teachers and university students. Interest in deep learning and increased student motivation Engineering led us to consider the use of Project Based Learning in which I have participated in the implementation from various management positions in the University as degree supervisor, head of department or teacher training program responsible. The results of these research projects have been presented at international and national conferences and journals and were collected in various publications. I have participated as an expert in conferences and workshops as a part of the teacher training programme of several Spanish Universities. I’ve been a member of the “REDU” network comitee, having organized the "International Consortium on Educational Development” (ICED) that took place in Spain in 2010. Nowadays, my research interests include, among others, higher education and improvement and development of key skills and employability in degree students and educational robotics. Creator of the Instagram @ConcieMcia_ where scieMce is with M as Woman in Spanish. I intend the positive representation of women scientists showing their contributions and advances or innovations in science, technology, engineering, architecture, mathematics (STEAM) careers or in their careers are made visible, the obstacles they have encountered throughout their lives , how they have overcome them and the achievements achieved.