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Doctor by the Universidad Europea de Madrid with the thesis Habitar la inquietud. Del arte disonante a la arquitectura negativa 2017. Supervised by Dr. Fernando Espuelas.

Andrés Abásolo is PhD architect and professor at the School of Architecture, Engineering and Design at Universidad Europea de Madrid since 2004 in the area of Architectural Graphic Communication. He studied a year of Architecture at Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi in Copenhagen (Denmark) with an Erasmus scholarship and at the ETSA in Madrid, where he obtained the degree of Architect in 1998. He has also worked in his own architecture studio, from where he has carried out as co-author numerous execution projects and construction management, collaborating in special plans for the protection of historic centers.In addition, he has an art career dedicated to drawing and painting, having made several exhibitions, such as in the Exhibition Hall of the Official Union of Technical Architects of A Coruña (2009) or in the Galileo Cultural Center in Madrid, (2005). Her research work has focused on Aesthetics, the field of research of his doctoral thesis; and also in Graphic Expression and Construction, having published several articles on these lines of research. Among others, he is the author of a book chapter published by the COAM Recent Theses II: "Dwelling the disquieting. From Dissonant Art to Negative Architecture" (2021), summary of the author's thesis. He is also the author or co-author of the following articles: REIA journal "The Architect's Anxiety: Black Utopia in Manhattan" (2017) and "The Threat of the Domestic" (2015); Paper of the 7th International Congress on the History of Construction (Lisbon): "The first patents of the prefabrication and industrialization of reinforced concrete in Europe and Spain: 1886-1906" (2021); article in proceedings of APEGA 19 Congress: "The influence of graphic representation on the definition of the room as a space for temporary use" (2019); Paper published at the XIV International Congress (Porto): "Competition as Competition" (2012); proceedings published at the XIII International Congress of Graphic Expression: "Lost in Translation or the Last Frontier" (2010); Paper published at the XII International Congress of Graphic Expression (Madrid): "Reflections on pilot experiences in drawing, geometry and design for the implementation of the Common European Space (EHEA) in the curricula" (2008); and the publication of a project exhibited at the BIENNALE DI VENEZIA (2000): "The Wall is a curtain drying itself in the sun" in the Plaza de la Fuente, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid He has also participated in numerous congresses as a speaker such as: 7th International Congress on the History of Construction. Lisbon (2021); XIV International Congress of Graphic Expression applied to Building APEGA. Seville (2019); Architectonics International Congress. Mind, territory and society. ETSAB, Barcelona (2018) International Conference at the University of Potiguar, Mossoro Campus (Brazil, 2013); Congress "Anniversary of the V Centenary of the birth of Andrés de Vandelvira". Alcaraz, Albacete (2005). In terms of scientific dissemination activities, he has participated, among others, in the II cycle of presentations at COAM 2018. "Recent Theses"; and lectures at the Colombian Society of Engineers and the Colombian Society of Architects in Bogotá (2013). In parallel to his teaching and research work, since 2008 he has worked at Universidad Europea in different academic management positions: he has been Academic Coordinator, International Academic Coordinator and Director of the international area at the School of Architecture, Engineering and Design until 2020; year in which he was appointed Director of the Department of International Mobility at Universidad Europea (Madrid, Valencia, Lisbon, Canary Islands and Porto campuses).